Just because you're not hot doesn't mean you can't get any woman you want! Learn how to get the girls of your dreams!

How do other guys do it? It's not magic - it's not luck - it's a set of skills that can be learned like any other.

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You'll learn:
  • The mistakes men make when dressing before going out
  • The five best places to pick up women
  • How to perform the ultimate sex position scientifically tested
    to give women a 90% chance of intense orgasm
  • Methods to build up self-confidence - or how to fake it
  • Easy ways to talk to any woman
  • ... and much much more!
"The Player's Handbook" is a complete system that will teach you every skill you need to get the women you want.
"In high school, I was voted class nerd; now after practicing the step by step CAT technique, I have girls begging to have sex with me." Eugene, NJ
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"The tips on conversation alone are worth the price of the Player's Handbook. You really lay out the things guys need to know to land a woman hook, line and sinker." Stephen, TX

But you may be wondering about me, the author, and why I know these things.
About Me

My name is Maxwell Still. I grew up in Cincinnatti, spent seven years in the Marine Corps, and now I work as a web developer for a small corporation. I'm an average-looking guy. I go to the gym but I'm never going to look like a movie star. Nevertheless, I've never had any trouble picking up women. It's just a talent I have.

One day, a good friend of mine emailed me, asking for advice. Because I was emailing him back, I had to put my knowledge about personal dynamics into writing for the first time. My friend saved those emails, and that's how
The Player's Handbook got started...

First off, I'm not going to waste your time with a lot of BS. You can find longer
ebooks out there, and you can pay more for them. Instead of spending my time
(and yours) on a lot of fluff, I pared down The Player's Handbook to make it the
leanest, meanest, most effective system you can find.

Why this book is unlike any other:

The Player's Handbook is two parts. First, there's information and
explanation of each aspect of the skills. Then, there's a step by step guide
to follow at the end of the chapter to put what you learn into practice.

It's not just talk, it's a proven system!

For example:
  • In Overcoming Nervousness, Finding Confidence, you'll learn the keys to faking bulletproof self-confidence -- even when you don't have it
  • In What Women Like In A Man, you'll learn about the genetic imperatives behind sexual attraction
  • In How To Make Yourself Interesting To Women, I'll show you how to dress and act irresistable to women
  • In Anatomy Of A Pick-Up, you'll learn the stages of a pick-up, along with two guaranteed phone-number-garnering tactics
  • In Make the Ho Say "No", learn how to break the ice with typical sexy snobby women
And remember, every section comes with assignments so you can put your learning to work right away.

There's a lot more in the book, but I can't tell you everything here. Instead, I'll give you my word of honor that this book will help you find confidence, improve your pick-up skills and get you laid or I'll give you your money back.
I want you to get more women. I can give you the skills you need to help you. Unfortunately, I can't be there to coach you through the rough patches. Instead, I'll give you a guarantee you can take to the bank.
Buy my book - if it doesn't work for you, I'll give you your money back. No nonsense, no BS.
If I get rich teaching men how to get laid, I'll offer this book for free. Until then, sorry, guys -- I've got to pay the rent, too.
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